Andrea loves to dissect marketing buzzwords and fads looking for the pearls of wisdom at their cores. Her favorite topic is agile marketing, which she believes holds the key to a more fulfilling (and less stressful) marketing career for individuals and a more powerful marketing department for business.

When not scrutinizing the latest agile methodologies, Andrea can be found on the volleyball court, at the park with her two delightful kids, or baking “calorie-free” cookies.

Connect with her on Twitter @AndreaFryrear, or on LinkedIn.


Christian is founder and CEO of SurveyGizmo and MarketerGizmo. Prior to founding SurveyGizmo, he spent 13 years as a research consultant. He started as a software developer right out of high school and has always been an entrepreneur at heart.


Bret enjoys creating content that’s inspired by the current challenges facing marketers. He also has years of experience assisting clients with their market research studies so that they capture truly actionable feedback.

When he’s not helping you find the perfect audience for your upcoming study, he’s searching the Colorado foothills for a new trail to run and plays ski bum on the weekends hitting the high country to shred the fresh gnar gnar (bro).


Alan enjoys delving into marketing techniques and trends to find the best practices for success. When he’s not on the hunt for the next big thing in video marketing, you can find him behind a camera making short films.

You can connect with him on LinkedIn at


Heidi is a content marketer for MarketerGizmo and SurveyGizmo. She has a B.A. in Psychology and is always intrigued by neuroscience and anything that drives behavior. She is an appreciator of yoga, improv, and meaty marketing content. If she didn’t have to work for a year, she’d go study yoga with Ana Forrest and Shiva Rea.You can connect with her on Twitter @SurveyYogini.


Lisa is often called a jack of all trades and learning something new is the hallmark of a good day for her. Having worked in database marketing, email marketing, sales and account management, she loves a well-crafted SQL query, a long conversation with a customer and a great email subject line.

When not focused on customer experience, data or emails, Lisa loves a good book, traveling and trying to keep up with her kids and her grandson.

Connect with Lisa on LinkedIn.