Marketing Lifehack #7: Change Your Writing Habits

Welcome to this week’s Lifehacks for Marketers video!

Having trouble getting over the hurdle to start your latest piece of content? Put down whatever you were about to throw at your computer and try this week’s Marketing Lifehack: get a new writing habit!

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Welcome to MarketerGizmo’s Weekly Lifehacks for Marketers.

I’m Andrea and I’m here to bring you this week’s lifehack. This week’s lifehack is a “try something new” hack for all the writers out there who have hit a wall.

We all get stuck, it happens. You’ve done everything that normally works but you still can’t seem to get something written.

WOAH WOAH WOAH wait a sec, before you do anything rash there is something you can try.

What are we trying? Reversing our writing habits!

Sitting alone in a dark silent room, sitting on a comfy couch in the middle of the office, lounging in the kitchen munching; we all have our favorite ways of writing, but doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t always produce the same results.

If you usually write in a really quiet spot, maybe try a high traffic louder part of the office. If your desk is your zen writing spot, try moving to a comfy chair to get the rest of you article done. Sometimes the mere act of change is all you need to bring back that writing spark and get to the end of your project.

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