Marketing Lifehack #8: Creative Article Titles

Welcome to this week’s Lifehacks for Marketers video!

Creating an article title can sometimes be more challenging than writing the article itself. But with this weeks lifehack for generating creative title ideas, you’ll be pulling in more clicks in no time.

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For those of you addicted to the written word, here’s the transcript of this week’s video.

Welcome to MarketerGizmo’s Weekly Lifehacks for marketers. I’m Heidi and I’m here to bring you this week’s lifehack.

This week we’re talking about writing article titles.

Sometimes coming up with your title can be more difficult than writing the article itself and having a title that’s good for both SEO and telling the reader what they’re getting into can be tough.

This week’s hack is a kinda helpful but mostly fun tool called the Portent title maker. This tool allows you to enter your keywords and generate titles; and if a title you generate doesn’t for you because you’ll definitely have some ridiculous ones come up, just hit the refresh button and have a new one created for you.

I found that only on rare occasion would I use the exact title generated, but I have had quite a few come close and
they did help me write a better title.

For example here are some of the titles that came up when we put in marketing lifehacks. Some are just out there, some are pretty silly and overall not usable for the most part, but there are some gems in
there to make you laugh and some that could be good inspirations for actual titles.

Either way it’s a fun tool for inspiration or even just for laughs.

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