Marketing Lifehack #6: There’s an Infographic for That

Welcome to this week’s Lifehacks for Marketers video!

Keeping your social media sharing on schedule can be tough. There are so many articles to read (OK, scan), but you want to provide interesting curated content for your social media followers.

The solution? This week’s lifehack!

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Welcome to MarketerGizmo’s weekly lifehacks for Marketers.

My name is Griffin and I’m here to give you this week’s lifehack!

This week we’re talking about using and creating infographics for all of your social media sharing.

Maintaining a social media presence can be daunting at times, especially if you’re new to social media marketing. This involves regularly posting to Facebook and Twitter, but what if you don’t know what to share?

When sharing on social media just remember, you need to share both curated and original content.

If you’re in a bind for some curated content just remember, there’s an infographic for that! Infographics are widely used. You can find them or create them on just about any subject, any topic, anything.

Finding an existing infographic makes for quick, easily consumed curated content for your social media sharing.

Infographics are also a great format for original content. You can create them quickly and easily have a backlog ready to go for emergency moments like when an article you’re about to post is no longer relevant and you need to post something right now!

Sites like Piktochart and Canva can make building infographics quick and easy. For more Marketer lifehacks each week, be sure to subscribe by hitting the subscribe button below!

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