Marketing Lifehack #9: Learn Your Hotkeys

Welcome to this week’s Lifehacks for Marketers video!

Does your knowledge of hotkeys stop at copy, paste, and undo? Taking just a little extra time to get up to speed on more advanced shortcuts can save you lots of time, as our marketer learns in this week’s video.

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For those of you addicted to the written word, here’s the transcript of this week’s video.

Welcome to MarketerGizmo’s weekly lifehacks for Marketers. I’m Andrea and I’m here to bring you this week’s lifehack.

This week’s hack is about working smarter with the software we use everyday.

Control C. Oops, I hit X. Control Z.

*Sigh*, that’s better. Hotkeys can be super useful… when you use the right one.

We all know the basics. Cut, copy, paste, undo, and those are pretty universal across most software. But most people’s knowledge of hotkeys pretty much ends there.

But if you’re using specialized software you have a lot more hotkeys available to you. So this week’s lifehack is learn those hotkeys!

If you’re using advanced software with tons of different tools and functions in them, working without hotkeys can be a huge waste of time. Knowing all or at least the most important of the hotkeys in any given software will help you use your time more efficiently.

If you’re having trouble remembering all those hotkeys, you can always download cheat sheets for yourself.

Print them off and keep them on your desk in their own little binder or post them on your walls. These will not only make it easy to double check which hotkeys to use, it’ll help you learn them faster.

And copy, paste! Oh hey, I’m gonna go get some coffee, you mind finishing up? Thanks a lot! Noo, I didn’t want any coffee, but thanks for offering.

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