Marketing Lifehack #4: Put Down the Thesaurus

Welcome to this week’s Lifehacks for Marketers video!

In this installment of our lifehack series, we explore a book that can be a marketer’s best friend, or their worst enemy: the thesaurus.

Don’t squander your opportunities for forging momentous confederations through obsequious servitude to this tome.

Translation: To connect with your audience use the right words, not the smartest ones. Check out the video for more!

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For those who are addicted to the written word, here’s the script for this week’s hack:

Welcome to MarketerGizmo’s Weekly Lifehacks for Marketers.

I’m Heidi and I’m here to bring you this week’s lifehack.

Corresponding to the present temporal length of time, our essence technique consists of abandoning one’s glossary concerning vernacular synonyms.

Well that was a bunch of malarky.

What I mean to say is that this week we’re going to make your writing better by getting you out of that thesaurus.

We’ve all been guilty of it more often than we like to admit. You’re writing a new piece and a word just feels kind of… meh. So to jazz it up *insert jazz music riff* and give it a more intelligent feel, you bust out that thesaurus or google search and get a more “advanced” word to replace it.

More often than not it’s unnecessary and it’s really obvious.

Remember in High School when your teacher would circle the word because you used a thesaurus and you wondered, “But how?! It sounded so smart!”.

Yeah it did, but it also screamed out “I used a word I didn’t know the meaning of!”.

When you do this with your blog articles, it feels the exact same way. If you toss in a really smart sounding five syllable word in place of the word “really” that you never knew before, there’s a decent chance your readers doesn’t know that word either.

Yes, you don’t want your writing to come off like a child wrote it, but you also don’t want it to come off like you’re trying to hard either.

This doesn’t mean to throw away your thesaurus altogether. Sometimes there’s a word that’s just slipping your mind and you need to look it up, or you’ve used a word too many times and you need to replace it.

That’s always fine. But just don’t replace it with the biggest “smartest” sounding synonym you can find.

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