Twitter Hashtags For Marketing: The Ultimate List to Drown Out the Noise

For marketers, the community on twitter is extremely important. It’s a major source of information on effective strategies, the latest news that may affect our companies, and a great way to make connections.

With hashtags for every word and abbreviation you can possibly think of, how do we know which ones to watch and get involved with? It can be pretty time consuming to weed through the densely packed forest of hashtags on twitter, and so it’s easy to just fall into the trap of going to those same old hashtags you know are the good ones.

The reason why the Admiral Akbar alarm goes off when you depend on the same old handful of hashtags is that you end up limiting yourself to getting information from the same people, the same perspectives, with the same agendas.

hashtags for marketing on twitter

I was getting tired of this myself, and so I decided to try a shortcut to get to the good stuff. After watching the tweeting activity of such marketing influencers as Jeff Bullas, Roger Dooley, Lolly Daskal, Scott Abel, Heidi Cohen, Warren Knight, and Michelle Killebrew, I’ve compiled a list of hashtags they tend to use that have information worth checking out. I’ve also included some of my own favorites.

Consider your path cleared in the marketing hashtag forest with the list below. Soon you’ll be on your way to more meaningful and diverse information and connections. Also, in case this list feels overwhelming, there’s a tool tip at the bottom to help you feel more organized.

Hashtags For Marketers

This is a fairly comprehensive list, so I’ve broken it up into categories to help you zero in on the hashtag topics that are particularly relevant to your marketing efforts or content distribution audience.


If you’re looking for some advertising inspiration or would like to know what’s working for others at the moment, here are a few hashtags to get you started.

#ads #nativeadvertising #advertising


Building a brand that differentiates you from your competition is crucial. Here are a few hashtags to support you in your efforts.

#brand #personalbrand #branding


Here are some hashtags to help you meet your business goals as a marketer or help you guide the direction of your business as an entrepreneur. Bootstrap, startup, leanstartup, and smallbiz are great for those in the early business stages.

#startup #startups #leanstartup #growth
#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #leadership #bootstrap
#business #smallbiz #biztips #saas
#growthhacking #growthhacker #success #innovation
#creativity #b2b (business to business) #b2c (business to consumer)

Content Marketing

We all know at this point that content marketing, when done well, works wonders. There are always new ideas or strategies floating around within these content-related hashtags. Here’s a good list to check out.

#content #contentmarketing #contentstrategy #writers (one to follow with caution, as you may find yourself inundated with fiction- or poetry-related tweets pretty quickly)
#blogging #bloggers #blog #blogtopic
#blogtips #blogdesign #bloggingtools #wordpress
#contentmarketingtips #visualcontent #infographic #infographics

Conversion Rate Optimization

Whether it’s for trial sign ups or blog subscriptions, you’ll learn how to increase conversions by keeping a close watch on these hashtags.

#cro (as a reminder, CRO=conversion rate optimization) #conversion #conversions

Customer Experience

An exceptional customer experience is a marketing strategy in itself. These hashtags can help supply you with ideas to delight and retain your customer base for the long term.

#customerexperience #cx #custexp

Data of All Kinds

Making data-driven decisions is important for marketers. You’ll never need to cross your fingers again with the confidence you’ll have from your newfound researched insights, that these hashtags can help you achieve.

#data #bigdata #research #datascience

Digital Marketing

If Louis Armstrong were alive today, he’d sing, “What a digital world.” Since we all live in a digital world, grab some of the latest tips on digital marketing by following and sharing using these hashtags.

#digitalmarketing #digital #omnichannel #onlinemarketing

Email Marketing

From gathering a strong list of email contacts all the way through converting them to customer, these hashtags offer some great best practice advice and recommendations for your email efforts. For more usability and design ideas, check out #emaildesign. #Emailtips and #emailmarketing offers a broader overview that includes more technical content.

#email #emaildesign #emailtips #emailmarketing


See what other marketers are talking about when it comes to effectively captivating your audience.

#engage #engagement

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing lets your customers come to you. With your newfound inbound marketing information gleaned from these hashtags, you’ll be like a marketing magnet in no time. .

#inbound #inboundmarketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can be a powerful asset to your marketing strategy by magnifying your message exponentially. Gain some insight on the best way to approach and partner with influencers in your niche on these hashtags.

#klout #influencermarketing #influencers

General Marketing Topics

Here are your hashtags for general marketing related information. Note that some of these are very general, but when sharing content on Twitter they can get you a very broad reach. For following purposes, the more specific topics like #b2bmarketing and #marketingstrategy are likely to get you more actionable tips.

#marketing #mktg #marketingtips #b2bmarketing
#b2cmarketing #marketingstrategy #strategy

Marketing Metrics

Don’t wait for your analyst to get back to you on those numbers. Learn about crunching the important numbers with the content you’ll find on these hashtags.

#analytics #metrics #googleanalytics #roi

Mobile Marketing

Everyone’s on mobile. Make sure you’re there too with mobile optimized websites and content! These hashtags can help non-technical marketers optimize customers’ experiences across all marketing channels.

#mobilemarketing #mobile


Neuroscience can give you strong insights into the marketing strategies you should be using by helping you tap into the ways our brains work. Don’t miss this one!


Public Relations

Social media marketing is the new public relations. Brush up on your PR skills by following these hashtags.

#pr #publicrelations


Since the worlds of marketing and sales have collided, you’ll want to stay up to date on sales hashtags as well. It might even help you to understand your sales colleague just a bit more.

#sales #leadgen #leads #leadgeneration
#socialselling #b2bsales #b2csales

Search Engine Optimization

Make sure your website and content are reaching the largest amount of people through organic search. What you need to know can be found in these hashtags.

#seo #searchmarketing #seotips #optimize
#ppc #cpa #ctr #searchmarketing
#search #paidsearch

Social Media

There’s so much to be said about social media, which is why you’ll find a rather large list below. Stick to the channels you are using, and follow those related hashtags. For example, you don’t need to follow #youtube if you don’t have a presence there.

#socialmedia #socialstrategy #socialmediamarketing #smm
#smtips #linkedInMarketing #Linkedintip #LinkedIn
#facebook #facebooktips #twittertips #snapchatmarketing
#slideshare #viralmarketing #periscope #googleplus
#pinterest #youtube #youtubemarketing #youtubetips

User Experience (UX)

Don’t miss out on user testing opportunities to help make your SaaS or website more intuitive. See what others are talking about in this realm to give you ideas and to stay on top of the newest emerging research on usability. An exceptional user experience basically markets itself.

#ux #userexperience #usability #userresearch

Video Marketing

Since we all live in a digital world, we’re becoming increasingly more audio-visual as well. If want to start or step up your video marketing game, you can learn from others here. Warning: Do not use #video for video marketing information. People tend to use that hashtag for all sorts of video related material.

#videomarketing #videomarketingtips #onlinevideo #youtubemarketing


You can gather some helpful website design tips on these hashtags, and they also provide a wealth of general website-related information. Again, be aware of the generalized nature of some of these tags. For sharing they may work great, but if you’re looking for something specific, you’ll need to watch a more specific hashtag.

#website #design #landing #landingpages

Managing Your Twitter Hashtags

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, this is such a large list! How do I keep tabs on these hashtags? If you’ve haven’t happened upon TweetDeck yet, it’s a great tool to help you watch multiple hashtags at once.
tweet deck for managing hashtags

Directly from Tweetdeck, you can add columns for hashtags, watch your own feed and notifications, and even tweet. It’s a handy tool for multitasking your Twitter efforts.

For more guidance on getting your Twitter strategy up and running, check out our Beginner’s Guide to Twitter Engagement.

Go Forth and Hashtag

Knowing the right hashtags to follow can get you the marketing information you are looking for quickly and get you connecting with the right people. With the hashtags in this list, consider the needles in your twitter haystack found.

Do you have some favorite marketing hashtags that are not on this list? Please share them below!

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